Carbon Face Mask Filters 


Pack of 5 disposable carbon filters for your face masks. Slide them into the pocket of your mask/covering.


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Carbon Face Mask Filters

Our Carbon Face Mask Filters  are a PM2.5 filter and you will receive 5 in your pack. They are made with no stick fabric using fine fibre synthesis which is comfortable, breathable and blocks most dust and respirable particles. Please place positive side to the face and reverse side to the outside. Non woven and active charcoal cloth with 5 layers. Slide them into your face mask pocket (wash your hands first) and replace – disposable filters.

Carbon Filter

Please add yes to the drop down box if you would like a carbon filter. The filter consists of 5 laters and the filtration is 99% of air particles, the filter effectively blocks particles and harmful substances. It has soft cotton material. skin friendly, breathable and comfortable to wear. The filters cannot be washed and we recommend that you choose the time of use according to your living environment and change the filter at least 1-2 times a week. If you are using your mask for long periods each day we recommend changing your filter pad daily.


Our Carbon Face Mask Filters includes free UK shipping, they will be posted via Royal Mail and via First Class post. Please be aware bespoke masks take approximately a week to make before being shipped.

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