Blue Star Cuddle Bed


The Blue Star Cuddle Bed is 100% Cotton and comes with washable removable covers and rolls up into a bag so it is portable too!



Blue Star Cuddle Bed

our Blue Star Cuddle Bed using cotton fabric Cuddle Bed which can help a child with autism gain better sleep for a child aged approximately five to ten years old. Our portable beds are also perfect for sleepovers, gaming, camping and general snuggling. They are perfect for space saving and roll up to fit into a matching storage bag.  Please check out our other fabulous products:

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You can choose the base to be the same as the top fabric or you can choose another design available The Cuddle Bed will be created with a matching storage bag. The bag will be fastened with a cord which requires adult supervision due to a risk of choking.

The  Star Cuddle Bed will be fastened with a zip so it is washable. Please see our terms and conditions for our washing instructions to maintain the quality of your product.

Please  Contact Us  if you require any further help or advice.  To view our other products Customer Care Instructions click here.

Terms & Conditions 

Finally our sale products are non-refundable.

Cuddle Beds for Children with Autism

One of the most fantastic things about The Cuddle Bed range is the sensory features of the beds. This helps children with autism sooth and settle at night. Most autistic children will nest in their beds, typically placing a lot of objects in their beds which shouldn’t really be used. So, The Cuddle Beds are designed to wrap around the child to provide a safe and comfortable space. They can also lie on it when they feel calm to help them go to sleep.

Many autistic children and adults as well have sensory processing issues. Cuddle Beds are designed to provide a sensory experience to draw the child in from other distractions that might be happening around them.


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The Blue Star Cuddle Bed is 100% Cotton and comes with washable removable covers.

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