Cuddle Beds

Child, Toddler and Teen Cuddle Beds in 100% Cotton or Polycotton top fabrics and come in a range of designs with washable removable covers.

The original design that comes in toddler, child, teen and small adult sizes. A totally Bespoke range where you can choose your design, size and fabrics. These are perfect for kids sleepovers, chilling on the floor, gaming and general chilling.

Sensory Beds for Toddlers and Children with Autism

One of the most fantastic things about The Cuddle Bed range is the sensory features of the beds. This helps children with autism sooth and settle at night. Most autistic children will nest in their beds, typically placing a lot of objects in their beds which shouldn’t really be used. So, The Cuddle Beds are designed to wrap around the child to provide a safe and comfortable space. They can also lie on it when they feel calm to help them go to sleep.

Many autistic children and adults as well have sensory processing issues. Cuddle Beds are designed to provide a sensory experience to draw the child in from other distractions that might be happening around them.

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  • Butterfly Cuddle Bed Garden Lounger

    Butterfly Cuddle Bed Garden Lounger

  • Cuddle Bed - Child - Pink Star

    Cuddle Bed – Child – Pink Star