My Big Win

My Big Win describes my normal Sunday evening and how my phone went absolutely crazy the next day! I have tried to win Small Business Sunday for around a year now without any luck, I tweeted various tweets and images but when I checked on the following Monday nothing was retweeted. On Sunday 25th July 2017 I had forgotten all about it as Sunday evenings are a little busy in my household and remembering in time was a challenge! However I remembered with 2 minutes to spare!

I then went about with my chores and carried on with the start of my week and on Monday I was putting my children to bed when my phone went crazy! I did not know why but even the children asked me why my phone would not stop pinging!

I checked my phone and there was my tweet being retweeted everywhere and it dawned on me that I had won #SBS so we all did a happy dance! I kissed my children good night and I spent the rest of the evening answering everyones congratulations. This lasted a few days, along with the #SBSwinnershour the following day!

The last month my health had deteriorated and this impacted on my whole life, I had just started to feel better so this was such a perfect time for me. I am so thrilled to be one of the winners and part of the #SBSfamily. I can not wait to see what happens now and I have had my email to start the process.

I have a press release, a logo, a banner and I will be setting up my shop on Theo Paphitis’ market place. I even get to meet him, where I will be presented with my award certificate. I plan to keep you updated on this journey along with my new prototype for our new sensory bed.

Zack and I have been shopping and we have lots of new fabrics and twiddle things! We plan to put some of this together next weekend and take a video too! Zack is absolutely loving this and he can not wait show you all.

Here is a copy of my winning tweet:

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