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Rebekah’s Story

Autism Awareness Week - Rebekah's Story

For this week to help raise autism awareness I will be posting a blog everyday to share some remarkable ladies and their journey through life as a mum of a child with Autism.  I will be sharing their challenges, the highs and the lows and I will now introduce you to Rebekah and here is her story …….

Wow where so I start. I am a mom of 3 beautiful children and wouldn’t change any of them for the world. I had my first son in 2004 and my depression went into over drive, I was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety and ocd. I battled on and found I was expecting my second son at 5 months pregnant, I didn’t carry him much longer as he wasn’t growing. So I went through the agonising wait of injections and induced labour for my little man to arrive 9 weeks early, at delivery Ryan wasn’t breathing and had the cord wrapped round his neck 3 times, it was such a harrowing wait. Seeing him made everything so worthwhile, we battled on together.

Autism Awareness Week - Rebekah's Story

Ryan’s Early Years

From the start he didn’t want to be touched, milk and food were an issue, nappy changes resulted in tormented screaming from the agony he must have felt. Then we went through the not eating because he couldn’t deal with it the nakedness, slow development, and much more. Our health visitor picked up something wasn’t right at his two-year check and we were referred. This at the time felt like a blessing as I had struggled to make up for not being able to do a lot with my first child and after people telling me how to be and it not working I thought it was me. To cut a long story short, it took till Ryan was 7 years old for someone to finally give him his diagnoses asd, co-ordination issues and sensory disorder, and that’s when I thought I could breathe, it wasn’t me and it wasn’t in my head. Boy was I wrong we were both about to be pushed to our limits and beyond, I had to fight harder than ever to help Ryan be supported.

Autism Awareness Week - Rebekah's Story

Ryan through the years


I had by this time had a little girl in 2010 who was to say the least a very trying baby, she didn’t sleep and had a milk and dairy intolerance, along with reflux and colic so times were difficult.   Ryan objected to her screaming, and they never slept at the same time. I had lost faith in both the system and his school, there had been an incident at which I collected a very distraught little boy. I arrived at the school to hear what I can only described as a caged wolf to find it was my perfect little boy. The incident involved him being questioned in front of a class of pupils twice, searched and shouted at by a male teacher. We had lost him he retracted into himself and didn’t return to school for over 4 weeks. It turned out that in fact after an investigation my son had not done what he was being accused of which is a shame, but it was too late the damage had been done. It continued to go from bad to worse and we eventually moved Ryan to a small school out of town and make the journey daily, so he is more comfortable.

Autism Awareness Week - Rebekah's Story

Ryan with his baby Lyra








He has come a long way and grown into a huge now 12-year-old boy lol. In the mean time my struggle had become hard, I was diagnosed with Schumann’s disease, fibromyalgia, tmj, arthritis and later non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The fight was real, all this time I gave everything to sorting my little people. Over time it turned out my little lady also started showing similar signs we had seen before. Grace has since been diagnosed with sensory issues, and melatonin deficiency. I am proud because while I was fighting their battles I was fighting my own, I used to hear ‘you treat them differently’ ‘it’s in your head’ ‘do you think it’s you and not them’ no, no and no!!! but because I had my diagnoses no one would listen, everyone else knew best. I started by business to help me find a piece of me again, my mom had always crafted with us as children and I loved it! So away I went and soon my hubby joined me with his own thing and we grew Taylor~Mayde. On days when my children aren’t home it keeps me going.

 Ryan with his baby Lyra

This is me with all three of my children


I am still battling, I had a break down and went into psychosis 3 years ago, touch wood my new meds and the help and support I got has been amazing and helped me carry on, I am still under going tests and treatment but I will fight. Ryan is starting college from his middle school in September, I have caved and let him go where he wants to and will support him so he can continue to achieve. My children are my life, they keep me going and I love them like every Mama knows how. I am proud they are all unique but my perfect. I am honoured to share my story with you, we still fight and will have to battle making sure the support is carried over to Ryan’s new school to support him for his GCSE’s, but you know what ….

To all you ASD mommies out there, times might be tough but my gosh do we reap some rewards …


Autism Awareness Week - Rebekah's Story

Ryan and my mom he loves his nan


Written for Autism Awareness Week – I would like to thank the inspirational and amazing women that have shared their stories with me. Click here for The National Autistic Society and also here for the charity Parents In Need.

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